Scale units are pips based on a 10,000 USD order.

The screenshot shows our perception about EURUSD dynamics of 07Apr17:

1) US strike on Syria moves markets to safe-havens (such as USD). This was the main pair mover of the day.
2) Good numbers issued by Germany. Industrial production grows 2.5% against the 0.5% forecast. Also trade balance was 2.2b higher than expected.
3) US Change in non-farm payrolls was 98k versus expected 180k.
4) US Change in manufacturing payrolls was 11k versus the 17k forecast.
5) US Unemployment rate was lower than expected: 4.5% vs 4.7%.
6) US consumer credit was 15.206b vs 15.000v forecast.

Trader Scale is a tool developed by Kick Securities for financial markets modeling, visualization and forecasting. It is an interactive scale with predefined and customized market driving forces. They are based on the economic calendar data and events, but other forces can be added, like technical indicators, tendencies, etc. As you set the size of such impacts, this tool combines real data, analysis and your own intuition and perception of the markets.

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The goal is to create a forecast of the pip change that the pair will have (from the opening price to the closing price in one day) based on the impact that you perceive each indicator or event (either predefined or added by you) is going to create.

The initial state of the scale is in perfect equilibrium, and the initial status of every indicator or event is zero impact. The slider in the middle of each indicator means zero impact. For each bubble, move slider to the right for positive impact and to the left for negative impact. Then press enter to start simulation.

Press tab to release pip indicator (gray ball) and drag it with the mouse to the point you think will balance the scale. Then press left ctrl to hold indicator, and enter to resume simulation.

For adding custom bubbles:

Click on the position you want to create it + Q or W (first or second currency respectively) and adjust the slider, to the right from center for positive impact, or to the left from center for negative impact.

Write the event or piece of information that create a force for each bubble.

Press enter to start/resume the simulation and escape to stop it.

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